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Nintex Workflow Cloud API

Build on the API to integrate your applications with Nintex Workflow Cloud

Getting Started

Welcome to the Nintex Workflow Cloud API

You can connect your software or service to the Nintex Workflow Cloud API to:

  • View, start and stop workflows in your tenant.
  • View lists of workflow instances and instance details.
  • Import and export workflows from your tenant.
  • View and complete the tasks assigned to users.

Through the powerful connectors available within Nintex Workflow Cloud, you can instantly connect your application to other services such as Box, SharePoint Online, Salesforce, and many more.


To get you up and running, here's a quick rundown of the components in the Nintex Workflow Cloud API:

  • A workflow is the design for an automated process, such as a document review and approval.
  • An instance is the execution of a workflow; a specific occurrence of the workflow being run.
  • A task is a job assigned to one or more people by a workflow instance, such as an approval.

To start integrating your own service, create your personal access token in your Nintex Workflow Cloud tenant, and explore the API.

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Getting Started

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